Tuesday, May 13, 2008

How to use your browser as a fast way to browse files on your computer

Are you using your Internet browser, but need to find a file on your computer without closing out your session? It is very easy to find files on your computer without completely closing everything out. You don't even need advance computer skills to perform this simple trick. Just by taking a few clicks with your mouse, you can find the file that you need and still keep your browser open.

1. Open your Internet browser if it isn't already open. You can use about any kind of internet browser to do this such as Internet Explorer or Firefox.

2. Click on file in the top part of your browser. Select the option, Open.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Sleep Battle

Ever had trouble getting to sleep?... After a hard day of work, and stress, sometimes sleep just doesn't come as easy as we would like it. Read this little poem to see if you too, can agree with it.



Another night passes, As I ponder in bead, laying awake.
The process of slumber and sleep,Just won't take!
Outside, I can hear the soft chirps of the sleeping birds,

And the sounds of the music that the insects play.
I turn towards the window, to see a glimpse of the moonlight peek in.
But my battle to sleep just doesn't win.
I lay awake,Wondering what the day should bring.

I begin to make a list of chores and food,
But in this state,I can't really remember a thing.
Tired and still, I lay,
Please Lord; just let me sleep, I pray...


How to teach your children to do chores while having fun

We all know that cleaning and doing chores isn't any fun. Children especially find cleaning the house quite daunting. Most children want a reward or want to know what they will get if they perform some household tasks.

As impossible as it seems-it can be fun to clean, and you can make it fun for your children too. Below is an article that can help you with some steps to make cleaning more fun for you and your children...

1. Ask your children what a few of their favorite songs are. Gather about 2 to 3 songs from each of your children. If you only have 1 or 2 children, add in a few of your own as well or let them pick more. Burn a CD or borrow their CD's with their favorite tunes. Play their favorite music and let them dance a little as they clean your home.

2. Make cleaning a fun contest. Set a timer, and see who can get their jobs done the fastest--while still being clean at the same time. Offer a reward for the winner and perhaps even the runner up. Cook their favorite meal, give them their favorite snack, or purchase a small reward of their choice

How to Know When to Hang a Humming Bird Feeder

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. Some of our favorite flowers are in full bloom, and our favorite animals are back. One great creature of nature to watch is the hummingbird. They can be hard to spot, and to know when they are coming-but if you keep track of their migration and watch the weather temperatures, you can begin to hang your hummingbird feeder.... Below is an article to help you decide when you need to hang your hummingbird feeder.

1. Browse the Internet or your local library for humming bird migration maps.
This will be useful to identify the best time to hang your humming bird feeder.

2. Be on the lookout around late spring or early summer for humming birds. Humming birds do not like cold weather. They usually appear sometime in the spring, after the last frost has passed.


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