Wednesday, November 26, 2008

PopCorn and a Movie--winter's best friends....

Cold weather is in the air, and there is nothing cozier and more comforting than sitting in your favorite spot snuggled in a blanket with a big bucket of popcorn and a movie. You can select an old time favorite movie with a family member or friend, and then select the popcorn of your choice. There are all kinds of popcorn flavors to be tasted and snacked upon. You can try gourmet popcorn flavors or just the old fashioned kind with a dash of salt.

Once you have your bucket of popcorn, snuggle in close, and get ready for some relaxation and comforting snack foods. Popcorn has been around for many years, and is a tradition that continues to carry on from generation to generation. With the holidays just around the corner, and Christmas shopping in full swing, perhaps you can get the people on your list some popcorn gifts that will carry them into the year. Some flavors of delicious popcorn and their favorite movie make the perfect gift basket for giving.

For some ideas, and popcorn gifts to put in your basket, the Popcorn Factory could have some items to get you started for this year's Christmas shopping....

Tis the Season for Candy...and mmmm-Chocolate!

Christmas is just a month away, and it's the perfect time for gift giving and plenty of sweets too! While we all thought candy was big on Valentines day, it's also big during the Christmas season too What more would we stuff our stockings with then delicious chocolate candy?

There are all kinds of candies to give during the Christmas season... There are candy coated dipped treats such as chocolate pretzels, chocolate covered caramels, chocolate covered cherries, and don't forget the seasonal minty treat-candy canes!

If you have somebody special, a family member, or friend that you would like to give candy for a special Christmas treat, check out Fannie May for all kinds of yummy chocolate treats!

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