Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tax Debt and Relief

While many Americans find themselves going deeper and deeper into debt, others find themselves owing back taxes as well or are in tax debt. Tax debt can be a scary thing-especially when the IRS begins garnishing your wages, or even perhaps taking money from your bank accounts.

Even if you feel ashamed, or frightened-there are places that are available to turn to online. American Tax Relief offers services that could benefit you to help you pay your debts. There is no reason individuals should try to handle the situation on their own, if it has gotten out of control or hard to handle.

Some of the services that American Tax Relief offers are

  • Settle Tax Debt for a Fraction of the Debt
  • Stop Wage Garnishment with our tax help
  • Stop Bank Levy, tax levy, and Property Seizures
  • Stop Unbearable Monthly Payments
  • Remove Penalties, Interest, and Tax Lien
  • Settle State and Business Payroll Tax

If any of those services above, can help you handle your tax debts, American Tax Relief offers a website online for more information and contact purposes. (

While everybody has their hardships and their share of personal crisis-you are never alone. You won't be the only person to have ever suffered from tax debt, a loss of a job, loss of income, or any other setbacks.

  • What we as people go through in life-only makes us stronger in the end.

Cultural Music Inspirations..

For a bit of culture, or a different outlook on music from what you generally listen too, Mohammed Babangida can bring you some information about the influences of different styles and variations of music from around the world...

Sometimes cultural music/worldly styles/classical or band instrumentals can be different from our pop/rock, R&B, or rap music that is found and often listed to here in the United States. It can be a great learning experience to see that there are other styles and instruments that exist besides the average ones that we hear in our country.
Mohammed Babangida explains of music from Dixieland that has is inspired from New Orleans. Dixie Land consists of big band like music that involves trumpets, trombones,
clarinets (my personal fav--i played this in school!), a piano, and drums.
Mohammed Babangida describes Dixieland as "bouncy," and is "full of flair".

He then goes on to explain bout Be-Bop, West Coast Cool Jazz, Hard Jazz, Third Stream, Free Jazz, Bossa Nova, Fusion, and Neo-Classical. If you would like to learn more about different types of music, perhaps you could read his blog ... And then there's always google to search for the sounds of these types!...
You never know--you just might find a new favorite style that could inspire you!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Take a Trip...or a journey through YMT Vacations

If you find yourself on a budget, but still would like to experience a journey, lay back, or get away from the stress of life for a short time, there's still hope to get away. While vacationing can be expensive, it can also be an experience to have within your lifetime. Perhaps you have been trying to get out of debt, and have been saving money to pay it off--and now you want to finally be rewarded...

--A website, YMT vacations can offer some of your dream destinations for a reward. Grab some of your friends, and schedule your trip for a Seattle-Hawaii cruise through YMT Vacations. Experience an array of islands, and have some fun with your friends, before heading back to your everyday routine life....

So, take some time to study your budget, your dreams, and perhaps, with research
YMT Vacations to see what could benefit your schedules and wallet...

Oh--The Places We'd Like to Go....with YMT Vacations

I like to dream about going to different places...

Perhaps out of state, out of country, or even through the ocean and the sea. Although--with me-there is one problem. I am terribly afraid to fly. So for the time being--I'd like to stay on land. So I would have to travel by car--or even by boat...

Some places that I'd like to be would include Paris, France, Europe, and yet still many states within the U.S. as well. ---I really haven't been to many places. I'm in the midwest where there's tons of flatlands... ---occasionally, I get to see a rolling hill! In the U.S., I would like to see Flordia, New York, and California...and perhaps Tennessee too...

One website, YMT Vacations offer several different vacation packages--even those by land-for those afraid of flight. A Classic European Tour Vacation is even listed within YMT's Vacations too. These guys offer 13-14 day trips where some are under $2,000. While it's hard to save for cash on a budget, these could be goals to reach for-after all of your debts have been paid off. Seeing other parts of the world are definitely chances in a lifetime that you should take if it becomes available.

YMT Vacations also have cruise packages for those who like to travel the waters with plenty of entertainment on board! Taking a cruise could be fun as well, but it seems like it would be hard getting used to the slight rocking on occasion, or the thought that you were surrounded by nothing but water. Cruises remind me of a traveling island....

So while your budget may be tight, the economy may be faltering-you can still dream-and plan that life awaiting vacation, and see how it can fit into your budget.

*Everybody should get a chance to live a little throughout life-and travel their dream destinations...


With the economy still not doing well,
and the housing market in a slump-it could be hard to sell your home if it's been for sale. Perhaps maybe you could do a few touch-ups such as new paint jobs, windows, siding, or even some renovations inside the home.
In this day and age-and moment--it has been hard to sell a house....

One company that could help you make some of your desired renovations is K-Designers.

K-Designers does renovations from windows, garage doors, entry doors, patio doors, overhang, gutters, and more. Perhaps K Designers could be an answer to help perk up that home to brighten it up for the market. Also, K-Designers can add windows with energy-efficient rigid vinyl so that your home can "go green" --adding more worth to your home and our planet.

Their website, offers some looks on before and after, to see if their services could help you renovate your home-to hopefully give it more of a push on the housing market. Check with your Realtor , or speak it over with your family, to see if perhaps adding some perks to your home, could help you sell it for what it's worth... It could help you get out of your current selling slump...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Unique Gifts for Summer: Handmade Jewelry

Besides writing this blog, and providing how to's, poetry, inspiring stories, and humorous tid-bits---

I also sell handmade jewelry. If any of you readers are interested in handmade bracelets, earrings, or handmade necklaces, then you can check out my website:

Sentimental Jewelry sells handmade jewelry created with lampwork beads, swarvoski crystals, and unqiue glass beads. All pieces of jewelry are hand-strung and make original gift ideas for women.

I also create customized handmade jewelry, and provide wholesale jewelry at wholesale price also. So for any upcoming holidays, or birthdays, I also can provide you with some unique gift ideas as well... Each piece of jewelry also comes with an original poetry written by me!
(ariana cherry).

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