Saturday, May 10, 2008

Poem: The Headache Fight

The pounding, dreadful throb in your head,

This pain, that knocks you out and sends you straight to bed.
Please turn the lights low...
Don't open the blinds for the sunlight to show.

It's a sharp pain, piercing through my eye,
As I hold in, hoping not to cry...

How to Tell the Difference Between an online predator and a normal person

This is another how to for internet safety. While we do our best to protect our children on the internet and try to find ways to use it with our children, we also need to protect them from online predators. Below is an article you may want to read so that you know how to protect your loved ones....

  1. Watch the way that an Internet user is talking. If they seem extremely polite at first and begin asking too many personal questions, back off. A predator may ask about where they live, where they go to school, if they play in any sports or have any favorite activities. They will use this information to try to track down a child and their whereabouts.

  2. See if the other user is agreeing with everything that you say. A predator's job is to gain the trust of the other person. Once they gain that trust, they can then begin to probe into a person's life.

Click here to continue reading about how to tell if it is an online predator....

Friday, May 9, 2008

POEM: The Old Pop Machine

Its interesting that the things we see in life can bring back memories and childhood moments. An old pop machine brings back past memories for this writer...

I see an old pop machine from my childhood that brings back memoriesfrom the past.
My heart aches for those long lost memories,
As I wish for a few moments, that again,I could be a child.

Late night walks with my family as we walked the family dog,
Talking with my younger brother, joking with my dad or hearing about moms work day...

Internet Safety

As families, we are always concerned about exactly how safe the internet really is for children. With the advancement of computers and technology today, children learn how to use computers and surf the internet at young ages. While children may seem quite knowledgable, it is still our responsibility to be sure that they are safely using the internet and being protected. Below are some steps you can take to protect your child and how you can use the internet with them as well.

1. Explain to your child about how the Internet can be used. It can be used for fun, learning and entertainment, too. Also let them know about the possible dangers without scaring them too much. Tell them not to speak with other online strangers and never tell anybody their name, age, where they iive, telephone number, or any other personal information.

2. Check out the security of your Internet browser. Be sure that it blocks out any possible harmful material and block websites that you would not want your child to visit. Password protect those websites so that only you would have access to them.

Click here to continue reading more about using the internet with your child.

Welcome new readers....

This is my first post on my new blog. I plan on sharing some of my recent poetry, articles, and anything else that happens with life. I am currently freelancing for a content company, and still writing poetry on the side. Sometimes you will get some how-to advice on different every day life activities, or perhaps a poem may light up a smile, or even make you think. I hope you continue to read this blog, and subscribe so that you can enjoy each post that comes your way...

And as for the name..."Writing by the Cherry"--it was just a clever way to incorporate my pen name into my blog title... I think it would make a neat title to a book perhaps some day too.... ---Speaking of book-i hope to get my 3rd collection of poems out sometime this year as well.

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