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Pay only $5.00 at the Movie Theater!

On a budget?
-Here's how you can save at the movies!


Going to the movie theater can be a lot of fun but can leave a hole in your pocket. Residents in the states of Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Colorado, Wisconsin and Iowa now only have to pay $5 for their movie tickets...Join the Kerosotes Five Buck Club...

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Get a Job --Doing Online Freelance Writing

Can't Find a Job? Try Online Freelance Writing

With a tough economy and less jobs on the market, it's hard to find employment to help our household survive -Although -there is always online freelance writing... There are plenty of websites, blogs, and reviews to do in return for some pay.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Meet Harley SwiftDeer Reagan-The Healer/Martial Artist

(every once in awhile-I like to throw something new in my blogs--such as meeting new people, finding out about new places, products, etc---So for this new little.."meet series," check out the following about "Harley SwiftDeer Reagan...."


Harley SwiftDeer Reagan is a teacher, healer, and martial artist. He has background and education in philosophy, psychology, religion, martial arts, and ancient mystery school traditions.

In 1986, Harley SwiftDeer Reagan founded the Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society. He formed it to teach the Wheels and Keys of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path.

Harley SwiftDeer Reagan states, "The Wheels and Keys of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path are tools to help heal Grandmother Earth and are dedicated to the preservation of individual autonomous freedom for all peoples to live and maintain life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, harmony, humor, health and hope."

He is dedicated to inspiring and enriching the lives of his students all over the world through classes, one on one meetings, physical mastery, and also ceremony.

Harley SwiftDeer Reagan describes the mission of the Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society:
"to fight against ignorance, slavery, bigotry, racism, war, disease, dogma and superstition to seed future generations with beauty, power, knowledge and freedom."

Frank Hanna III...Says We must learn to be humble and have Faith...

Faith is something we all need these days.Sometimes--it comes to us in large doses--or small ones. Sometimes--we must build faith in our lives-especially when things seem out of sorts, or we aren't getting anywhere in life. Everybody needs faith----ESPECIALLY now..during these rough economic times and crisis...

Frank Hanna III
author of, "What Your Money Means," tells us that we need to have gratitude-and live more abundantly. Most of all-we need faith. "Frank Hanna is a frequent speaker regarding issues of faith as they pertain to business. He frequently speaks on the topic of business and philanthropy." -according to his website.
Frank Hanna III also speaks of gratitude. We must be humble, and learn how to utter the words, "Thank you." These words are very true to the people of today. Our mannerisms have left us, and many don't say the words please and thank you anymore. And when others receive help-so many have stopped saying thank you--because the help has become expected...or feel as if it were deserved. Gratitude is definitely something everybody should add to their list-and learn to respect and say the word, "thank you."

Another piece of advice, he offers, is the value of money. How we should use it towards God's plan and what God wants us to do with it. Frank Hanna II says, "Money can make a good servant; but it always makes a terrible master." We must not let money rule us our our lives or business. For those couples in financial stress--perhaps pray about it...and listen for God--see what he tells you are the best financial steps to take. Frank Hanna III informs us that we should not use money apart from God's plan.... To find out more about Mr Hannah and his can check out his book at Barnes and Nobles.

Experience the Great National Parks of the United States with YMT Vacations

If there is any natural history or natural landmarks you should visit in the United States, then perhaps, you should head out west. There's so much natural land to be seen, walked upon, and of course, experience the big blue cloud filled skies that hang high above the mountains.

I myself, live in the land of the plains... Call it flatlands-per say. While I love my small town area, the safety of the nights, and all of the wonderful people-I would love to see the mountains and the parks in person!... YMT vacations offer a land tour that lets you tour all of the great parks of the western United States. The tour from YMT vacations consist of the following destinations:
  • Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Reno, Nevada
  • Lake Tahoe
  • Yosemite National Park
  • Sequoia National Park
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Zion National Park
  • Bryce Canyon National Park
  • Arches National Park
  • Kennecot Copper Mine
These parks could also be a learning experience for a family who would like to show their children--a fun part of education. While to some little ones, it may be boring or dull to read history and geography books on these locations--there is nothing more interesting and beautiful--than stepping on those grounds-literally.

If your family could find some ways to save some money, and begin to plan on tour of the western United States, then using YMT Vacations, could be a great addition to your scrapbook-and learning experience too.

Can You Pay Taxi Fair with a Credit Card?- Amos Tamam says Yes!

So, you are walking through New York City ---and you need a ride. But--you have found that you are not carrying any cash , and the nearest ATM is--not very close!... You perhaps might even need that ride to the ATM!... --But you do have your credit card---soooo? --Can you pay your taxi fare with a credit card?.. Amos Tamam, president and CEO of VeriFone Transportation Systems, started to make this possible around 2007, by installing technology in taxis, so that more riders could begin to pay their fares with cards. Some people actually may not like to carry cash in the big cities-such as New York, Chicago, --or even Vegas!--Unless you had change for the slots!---But Amos Tamam was onto something, and New York has started to implement the card paying process in their taxis. They have even realized that some of the sales increased!

Some of the beta testing in the cabs for the new technology even began to take place in the cities of Chicago, and Las Vegas. Having everything these days--on a card, and out of sight-is so much easier-and safer, than carrying a wad of cash. Cards can have a stopped service within a phone call-and many banks will contact their customers for odd transactions. Sometimes, it is just easier-to have everything all in one place-Plus-you don' thave to worry about washing your change or money through the wash. --- A card is more easier to keep track of. ---

So --next are taking a taxi ride--and you get to pay with a card-instead of the cash-you might have not taken-or laid down as a tip elsewhere-you can send a private thank you to
Amos Tamam for helping out with the latest technology.

Housing Market still slow-Rennovate with K-Designers

The economy may seem as if it could be picking up---but we still have so much more to build, and develop, and get many others into employment. Houses aren't selling as fast as they used to.... Many just don't have the money. So if you are trying to sell your house---what are some ways to help you sell it?... Perhaps-some possible renovations could help!...

K-Designers offer home renovation services to perhaps make your home more able to sell in today's market. Some services include new windows, patio doors, security doors, gutters, and more. Perhaps maybe K-Designers could help you make your home energy efficient --making your home more able to sell on the market.

K-Designers offer there services in the western part of the United States. You can see if they offer their product lines and renovations in your area by visiting their website.

Sometimes-a home just needs a little sprucing up-a bit of house-cleaning, some flowers, and just something to make it more "homey." While many may not have a lot of cash during this time-there still will be the few--looking for that perfect home to just get by for awhile...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Stepping Stones to Business from SRC Leads

Perhaps you are starting a new career, selling a product, or would like to get potential clients for your new business-and you need a few good names. It's hard to get your feet wet in the business world when you are the new guy in town.

One company, SRC Leads, is offering to do the searches for you-perhaps it will make "stepping into the water," just a bit easier for you. They offer 100% phone and address guarantees-and will replace any incorrect leads at no extra charge.

Some of the different types of leads that SRC Leads offers are topics based on the following kinds of subjects/products:

-Reverse mortgage
-Long Term Prospect
-Debt Refinance
-Final Expenses
-Medical Supplements for those over 65 or turning 65

SRC Leads have surveys that help them build the lists of leads that can be of assistance to you. The way that you decide to contact these leads-whether it be mailing or calling-will be entirely up to you and your conduct of business. .. While you are provided with leads to help you with your jump-start-don't ever expect to get rich quick. Every block of business building requires time, patience, effort, and plenty of hard work. The company, although, helps provide you the stepping stones to get there....

For more information, you can visit their website at :

Your Guide to Promoting Your Online Content

Your Guide to Promoting Your Online Content

If you are an online freelance writer, and write content articles for a number of clients, or even run a blog, chances are you need to get your content "out there." To learn more about how to promote your content, or information on writing jobs from on the link below...


Monday, June 22, 2009

How to Organize a Bible Study at Home

Interested in studying the bible at home with your family? If your church is small and it doesn't offer a weekly bible study, you can study about the bible with the people that you love most right in your home. You can all support each other in developing your faith and knowledge together.

  1. Step 1

    Gather your family together on a night that you all can have a "family meeting." Begin by writing out a schedule that will correspond with everybody's day. Find out which day would be the best time for everybody to meet for bible study. Continue to read more...

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