Saturday, January 10, 2009

Free Student Loans (how to get them and what kinds...)

Your level of income should not prevent you from getting the education that you desire. Fortunately, free student loans are available to needy students throughout the United States. Most schools offer some type of government financial-assistance program so their students can afford an education. There are several government programs you can apply to to help supplement the cost of your college education



Free student loans enable students with low incomes to pay for the cost of their college education. These loans are provided by the government and are based on the student's income. Interested parties must apply through their designated college or via the Internet.

Time Frame

Each state has a specific deadline by which you must apply before federal funds run out. Most forms must usually be filled out before July 1 of each school year. You can find the deadlines for your state on the federal student aid website (see Resources). Students must allow enough time when applying for aid. Be organized and ready to file by having at your side such information as your Social Security number, income-tax return, driver's license and any investing records. Complete each section one step at a time. You can always save your work and come back later. Always apply early.


Federal student aid allows students to receive an education they might not have because of their income status. Federal student aid does not have to be paid back, and is one of the best ways to pay for an education if your family is in a lower income bracket. Most colleges and universities have student-aid applications available to all students; they also can be accessed online. Federal student aid also benefits students who are living on their own for the first time and/or have no or very little income; such applicants are almost always eligible, since they do not have full-time jobs. Students can receive between $100 and $4,000 in assistance depending on their need, their choice of college and the time of the application.

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How to Watch Network Television Shows for Free on the Internet

Did you miss your favorite television show the other night ? With the popularity of full length shows becoming available on the Internet, you no longer have to worry about planning out your TV schedule. Most broadcasting networks now offer their shows for free via the Internet.


Step 1

Be sure that you have high speed Internet access. Most shows play successfully on a high speed or broadband Internet connection.

Step 2

Find out the broadcasting network that your show is aired on. Visit the network's website and look for the videos or shows category.

Step 3

Search for the show of your choice within the channel's website. Most of the popular shows aired on the network will most likely be available via the Internet.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Handmade Valentines Day Gifts for Your Sweetie or Special Friend

Handmade Valentines Day Gifts for Your Sweetie or Special Friend

A Valentines Day gift doesnt' have to be bought from a store. The best gifts come straight from the heart when its from somebody whom you care about the most. Read to find out how to create special gifts from the heart for a Valentines Day to remember.


Tips and Advice on How to Be a Good Social Worker

Tips and Advice on How to Be a Good Social Worker

Working in the career field as a social worker can be both rewarding and challenging in a variety of ways. The career is a rewarding one by knowing that you can make a difference in the people's lives to help them make their way in the world again.


How to Save Gas Money for Work Travel

Paying money to commute to work each day can be expensive if you are on a tight budget. Gas prices increase and decrease many times throughout the year, and those who travel to work must adjust accordingly. There are several different ways you can save money for the cost of work travel.


Step 1

Carpool with other employees who live in the same area. Everybody can help contribute to the cost of gas to travel to work. Also, you could have a carpool donation jar in which those who carpool can leave donations to pay for gas money.

Step 2

Study your household budget. Calculate how much it will cost to travel to work each week. Find out how much you can take out to save each week to contribute to gas money. Have a "gas money" jar or envelope where you put your gas money each week. Use the money from that jar to pay for gas only.

Step 3

Walk or ride your bike to your place of work during warmer weather if you live nearby. Set aside the money that you normally would have paid for gas that week so that you will have it for future use.

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How to Teach Your Child About Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King Jr's birthday will be coming up again very soon, and perhaps now is a good time to teach your child about one of our history's most riveting African Americans who helped shaped the outcome of how African American's live today....



No matter their age, children should start learning about their history too--especially when it comes to civil rights. All children also need to learn that everybody is equal and that nobody is different no matter their color or their race. Here are a few helpful hints and activities that you can do with your children to tell them about Martin Luther King, Jr.

Step 1

Find age appropriate material about Martin Luther King either on the internet or at your local library. Search for books, coloring books, or any craft projects you could do on black history.

Step 2

Perform craft projects with your children about black history and Martin Luther King. Older children could do a mini report and put it on construction paper with a picture of Martin Luther King. Younger children could color a page with Martin Luther King on it.

Step 3

Watch an educational video or movie about Martin Luther King. Find one that is age appropriate for your children. For older children, see if you can find a recording of his "I have a Dream" speech. Let your children listen to it.

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Monday, January 5, 2009

Tips on Saving Money for Lunch at Work

Tips on Saving Money for Lunch at Work
Individuals spend a lot of money at lunchtime during the workweek. With a slowing economy, we need to find ways to cut back. Read more to find out how you can save money at lunch time.

A Guide to Ordering Free Shipping Supplies Online

A Guide to Ordering Free Shipping Supplies Online
There are some of us who have our own home businesses that sell items through Ebay, Etsy, or via our own personal website. The U.S. postal website makes it possible for us to order shipping supplies and ship items within the comfort of our own home.

How to Create a Website on a Low Budget

Do you want to build a website but you are low on money?

Building a website or finding free hosting is easy. There is no reason to have to pay top dollar to have a website designed by a large company. You can still have a great website even on a low budget.

Step 1

Find a website that offers free hosting where you can place your website. Try websites like Bravenet that offer free hosting and other free website gadgets like guest books and site counters. Search engines also offer website building tools such as click-and-drag to make the process easier for beginners. Try starting out with a blog first before building an entire website. You can create content, and blogs also offer free templates that you can update and change. Blogs can be a great way to introduce a new business on the web.

Step 2

Purchase low-cost domains that are renewable up to one year. This will give you time to see if your website will be successful. If it is doing well, you can always renew the domain again. Websites such as GoDaddy offer domains for $9.99 per year or sometimes even offer special deals where domains can be purchased for $1.99. Also, free website hosting services often offer sub-domains at no charge.

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