Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Do you enjoy coming home after a long day's work, kicking off your shoes and stepping into something more comfortable? There is nothing better than resting your tired feet into something soft and cozy like shearling Slippers.

Shearling slippers are plush and made from 100% shearilng. Shearling is described as lambskin pelt that has limited shearing. It is not wool from that has been sheared from an adult sheep. It is new wool that has sheared from a yearling sheep for the first time.

The soles of shearling slippers are made up of double density foam. Some shearling slippers have been created with traditional moccasin styling and rubber soles. The exterior of the slippers are often made with leather or suede. The inside of the slipper contains sheepskin wool. Shearing slippers have been designed to wear inside, although, they can be worn outside for quick outings. The cozy slippers can be worn in the winter to warm up one's cold feet or to cool hot feet in the summer time.

Men's shearling slippers are created to have a more “rugged” appearance. Descriptions for men's shearling slippers are often listed as “shoes fit for a true king.” They are created to be luxurious and comfortable against his tired over-worked feet. Men's shearling slippers will have less fur around the edges of the slipper and be made of genuine sheepskin and plush fleece lining. Colors that are available in men's slippers are brown, gray, black or other earth-tone shades.

While men's slippers have a more rugged appeal, the women's shearling slippers are made more for comfort with a soft touch. They are designed to wear mostly around the house. Women who spend most of the day on their feet-whether it be outside or in the office, will feel at peace and relaxed when they slide the slippers on their feet. The colors of women's shearling slippers are brighter than those of mens. Women can purchase shearling slippers in colors such as red, blue and pink. The edges of a woman's slipper are more fuzzier and a soft touchable surface.

Those shopping for shearling slippers can buy them in popular retail outlets or online in stores such as J.Crew, Landsend, Nordstrom, Eddie Bauer and Amazon. Most prices of the slippers range from $30 to $100. Shearling slippers are available for both men and women.

Customers have given shearling slippers many positive reviews after purchasing and trying them out.
Some of the reviews include statements such as the shoes being extremely comfortable, warm and even soft. Many enjoy the soft cool wool that is lined on the inside of the slippers.

So for anyone looking for comfort and luxury when they go home, shearling slippers can be the answer for tired achy feet. They are created with all natural sheep's wool and sheepskin, and have customized designs for both men and women. Any change to treat your feet to luxury and comfort is always the best.

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