Tuesday, March 10, 2009

How to Have Church at Home

Can't make it to church? Do you homeschool your children? Or is it a snowy day and it is impossible to get outside? You can still have a Sunday church service at home even if you can't make it to church. Religion can also be taught and learned at home even if you don't go to a regular church service too.

Gather your family together and decide on a time to have church at home. It can be set aside either for morning, afternoon, or evening. Decide on what time is best for everybody's schedules.


Organize your bibles and some lesson material together. Bring out a few hymns if you and your family would like to sing together. Also, use a notebook to write down prayer requests for when you have your family prayer during your church session. Decide on that your sermon or your main focal point will be for your service.

Designate someone to be the leader, or everybody can have their turn during your church service. Decide if you would like to open up your service with a prayer, song, or even both of them. Continue reading about how to have church at home...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

How to Chat on the Internet

Internet chatting is when two or more online individuals come together to talk inside a chatroom, virtual software, or instant messenger. Chatting is a popular way in which people stay connected-whether it be for business or for family who live many miles apart. While chatting can be fun and entertaining, you must take protective measures against yourself as well to avoid internet stalkers and predators.

Step 1

Learn your Internet Chatting History. Chatting first began in the year of 1988. Jarkko "WiZ" Oikarinen of University of Oulu, Finland, was the first person to create the first "IRC" (internet relay chat) client. After creating the chat client, Jarkko gathered other universities such as Helsinki, Tampere, University of Denver and Oregon State University together to download the client as well. In a matter of time, all of these universities were communicating via chat. By the middle of 1989, over 40 chat servers existed.

Step 2

Stay in touch. Chatting on the Internet is a great way for individuals, families, and business to stay connected. Business groups or organizations can use chatting to host online business meetings, or to answer any questions that the outside public may have. Families who live within long distances of each other can use chat to stay in touch, and still feel connected even though that are millions of miles apart. Continue learning more about chatting on the internet...

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