Friday, February 13, 2009

About Verizon Email

Verizon email is available by subscription to Verizon Wireless cell phone users. It allows members to check their email from their phones when not near their personal or business computers. There is a monthly subscription fee, and is available on most Verizon cell phones. Continue reading to find out how Verizon email can be beneficial to you.


Verizon email allows mobile phone users to check their email from their phones. Users can check their email on the run while being away from their computer at home. Verizon Email allows access to emails such as Yahoo, Windows Live, AOL and AIM. Individuals can configure pop accounts too.

Cost & Availability

Email access from Verizon is $5.00 per month. There may be extra charges for sending and receiving data on your cell phone. Most email is available on phones from Verizon such as the LG series, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and Verizon.


To use Verizon Email, you must register for an account via the Verizon Wireless Website. (See resources). To retrieve email from your cell phone, then go to the "get it now," feature. Select, "get new application," and then "okay." There will be a list of selections to choose from. Click the "email" option. Users will then either need to subscribe or should be able to access their email if they have already signed up. You can then select the service of email that you have access too such as Verizon, Yahoo, AOL, or Hotmail. Sign in with your email account username and password. Verizon offers screen shots of what your screen should look like once you have logged into your email accounts via your cell phone. Send emails just as you would from your personal computer.
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Thursday, February 12, 2009

How to Build a One-Page Website

Building a Web page doesn't have to be hard. With the right online tools and the motivation, it can easily be done. Also, it is possible to convey your message with just one page. There's no rules that says a website must be more than one page.

Step 1

Plan your website. Decide what kind of message you want to convey to those who come to visit you on the web. Do you want to sell an item or promote a business? Is your Web page a personal page or are you showcasing a hobby? Write down what you would like to design and achieve with your website.

Step 2

Find a simple .html or Web page editor. Use free Web page editors that you can find online such as handzon (see resources), or Office Live (see resources), which offers an easy website creator with its free hosting.

Step 3

Type your text for the Web page into the editor. Describe your business, hobby or subject that you are covering on your page. Be sure to include an "about us" area, contact information that includes email addresses, phone numbers, or business addresses, and prices if you are selling items. Be sure to bold key points on your page if you would like them to stand out to readers. Be keyword savvy. For example, if you are selling jewelry, try to use the word a few times in the text.

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Childhood Memories-living them out in your own house

For those women out there, when you were a little girl, did you ever play with those huge gorgeous doll houses? I had a little house that I used to play with, and could play with it for hours. The house that I always wanted though, could be found at Hobby Lobby, where you could buy the miniature furniture, and practically build it yourself.

While surfing online, I found a website, where you could buy your own miniature furniture and build your very own doll house. There's anything from leather couch outfits, to the office furniture, bathrooms, bedrooms, food, pets, and more. It's a way to build your own entire world inside a doll house-It's a way to relive your childhood.

One of my favorite items on the website was the
Miniature Mahogany Fireplace. I've always wanted a home with a fireplace, and if I had a doll house- I definitely would equip it with a fireplace. Then I would add a little rug, along with the family all in front of it. It would be just a way to dream, until I had my own little fireplace :)

Along with the fireplace and rug, I would then have to be sure my house had a cat. I love cats, and think it also would be the perfect addition for sitting in front of the fireplace as well. And of course, then were would be the office with the computer desk for plenty of internet surfing in my comfy office chair.

Those would be a few of the necessities that I would add into my house. In a way, when you build a doll house-I guess it could help you decorate your own home as well-It would be a wonderful inspiration for ideas and how to place your furniture. ---Remember-you are never too old to live out your childhood dreams-It's okay to have a miniature house inside your big one-Just tell them you need decorating ideas :)

Memorable Valentines Day Gifts

For the longest time, I never really got roses from anybody for Valentines Day, or that matter, any holiday. A bouquet of flowers are beautiful when adorned with glitter or little decorations inside a vase. There's nothing more special than receiving roses or flowers for Valentines Day.

Finally, last year, after being married to my husband for five years-together almost ten-he got me a dozen roses on Valentines day that were ordered from It was the first time he ever had gotten me flowers. They were delivered to me at work, and I had to take a picture of that memorable moment. --I had only wished that the roses could have lasted forever-but the feeling that I got when I had them-will certainly be in my heart always....

So, for any of the guys reading this, - if you have a special one who has never received flowers, try getting them this special gift that can bring some sweet joy for the day. It can be for Valentines day, a birthday, an anniversary, or even Christmas. Flowers are great ANY time of the day-especially when it's from someone you love. I know that I will always remember getting my roses-I was so surprised :) It was a lovely gift. *

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How to Pay Off College Loans on a Budget

College can be a great opportunity for an education and a wonderful experience. The rude awakening comes once you receive the final bills, and the letter informing you that it's time to repay that student loan. Most loans don't require repayment until at least one year after graduation. While it may take some time to get on your feet after finishing college or if you are living on a strict budget, it can be hard to begin repaying the loan. There are special programs that you can join or steps to take to begin repaying college debt.

Step 1

Sign up for a deferred payment until you can pay your monthly balance. Be sure to try to pay on the interest when you can, as that will still rise throughout the year.

Step 2

Apply for economic hardship programs if you are only working part time or making minimum wage. Applicants must reapply every year, and can defer their payments for up to three years usually. Some student loans also offer forbearance programs through which students can apply if they are having financial hardships.

Step 3

Speak with a college loan customer representatives and let him know about your current income status. See if it is possible to get your monthly payments lowered if you are currently unable to afford your present payment plan. Some may require extra applications or paperwork, but you can lower your monthly payments if needed.


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Requirements for Medicare

Medicare offers health benefits for seniors age 65 and older, or those who receive Social Security disability. There are certain requirements an individual must have before they can receive benefits from Medicare. Continue reading to find out how you or someone you know can apply for Medicare and the type of benefits that they can receive.


Medicare is health insurance that is available for seniors who are 65 and over or for those who have disabilities.


Medicare offers two types of health insurance: Type A and Type B. Type A medicare doesn't require most individuals to have to pay a monthly premium. Type A will help cover inpatient care, nursing home care, hospice, or at home health care. Type B Medicare pays for doctor services, and outpatient care. Type B will also pay for flu shots, or healthy checkups/services. There is a required monthly premium to pay.


An individual must be 65 or have certain types of disabilities to receive Medicare. A senior at 65 must be receiving Social Security or railroad retirement benefits, or must have worked long enough in a government job (either state, federal, or local) to receive Medicare. If an individual is under 65, they must be receiving disability benefits, have Lou Gehrig's disease, or have been a beneficiary of Social Security disability.

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Share your Stuff

Mom and dad always said to share....

Well now you can! :) Check out Acobay, one of the newest Internet's hottest networking site.

You can share with the world your cell phones, media players, or any other cool electronic devices that you carry around. Wanna show off your car? You can put a picture of that up too...

For bloggers, share your blog! Include a link in your description, and an eye catching photo, and it can be another place to market your blog. This blog, Writing by the Cherry, has been shared at Acobay...

Share and recommend your stuff to other users-or get opinions on the stuff that you might possibly be buying or interested in as well!

On a Budget?... Look for coupons

This economy is making all of try to scrimp and save. We frown at the high gas prices, and the gallon of milk that continues to rise. We browse through the newspapers looking for coupons, hoping to save some money somewhere---somehow .

And then as we start to build some kind of savings, the car begins to have trouble. And then we either need to buy a new car, or buy parts. Well how about looking for some car rental coupons to rent a car until we can get our car fixed. Or if we are going on a trip , there could be some car rental coupons available on the internet as well. All we have to do is just get friendly with google, and then we should be on our way to finding the savings that we need.

Still stumped for coupons? Check out another website that is free to join, . You can get grocery coupons, restaurant coupons, and more. Find savings to popular stores like Walmart, Target, and Walgreens.

So perhaps when our parents were cutting coupons back at the kitchen table when we were kids---they did have the right idea...--Except now--all we have to do is click and print :) No scissors necessary ....

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