Sunday, November 14, 2010

Christmas Gift for Fishermen: Remote Control Fishing Boat

Do you have people in your family who enjoy fishing or even make a sport out of it? 

The holidays are just around the corner, and there is a great new tool that every fisherman should bring with him on his fishing trips. Now you can fish with a remote control fishing boat

When you are out fishing, you won't have to deal with any screws, glue or tools. The fishing pole is actually mounted within the remote control fishing boat. The RC Fishing Pole will be able to fit to any fishing boat. During your fishing outing, simply drive the boat around the lake until you find a good spot to begin fishing. Once a fish hits, you watch the line come off of the boat, and then it reels in the fish. Or instead of waiting, just keep on driving the remote control fishing boat around until the prize fish hits the line! The line can go out to 200-300 feet. This will give you plenty of opportunity to catch some of your favorite fish. 

You can catch a variety of fish using the boat. This includes Bluegill, Bass, Cripe, Catfish, Pike, Crappie and more! This could be one of the best gifts that any fisherman could ask for. It could also make a great gift for kids who go out on fishing trips as well. RC fishing will make it fun for younger fishers who may enjoy steering around the remote control boat. The gift is actually very affordable as well...Its around $20 with a $3.95 shipping fee... If you have friends or family that enjoy fishing-show them a new and fun way to fish for Christmas... 

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