Saturday, February 21, 2009


Need to get directions to plan your next vacation?
Or perhaps you could be moving to a new area to begin a new job or even start college. One simple website that makes traveling easy is MapQuest. MapQuest helps you find your directions from point A to point B. Besides getting directions, MapQuest also offers other useful information and tools as well. Continue reading more to find out how MapQuest can benefit you on your next road trip.


MapQuest helps Internet users find directions to businesses or other addresses. Directions and maps can be printed out from the website. You can also check on local gas prices in your area, find local businesses or tourist attractions or even find listings in the Yellow Pages.


Aside from maps, MapQuest also offers other useful features. Some of the features include a gas-price checker, Yellow Pages and local. "Local," allows you to see restaurants, shopping places, or other great tourist attractions in your surrounding community. It also lets you search for available jobs or events that are happening, too. Use the "My MapQuest" feature to save your location if you would like to come back to it later, or save information that you found useful. For those who have OnStar, MapQuest has a feature that lets you send directions to your car with a "navigation" feature. If you don't like the route that MapQuest provides, it also allows you to customize it to your liking. When checking on your maps, you can also see current information about real-time traffic in about 100 metro areas. iPhone users can also access MapQuest via their cell phones.

How to Get Driving Directions

Finding directions on MapQuest is simple. Type in the "starting address" in the directions area, and then type in your "ending location." MapQuest will then process driving directions that you can follow and offers a map for your personal use, too. Driving directions can easily be printed so that you can bring them along when you are en route.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How to Budget for a Family Vacation With Low Income

While the money may be tight or traveling expenses can be high, it is possible to take vacations on a low budget. By traveling off season, staying at low cost hotels with continental breakfasts, or visiting national parks where you can take trails, your family can still spend quality and enjoyable time together. If the family works together by saving change, doing odd jobs and cutting back, a vacation can be planned in your family's future.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Step 1

Study your family's income and budget. Find areas where you can cut back on such as extra clothing purchases, dining out, or haircuts.

Step 2

Save each dime, penny, nickel, or quarters that you get. Purchase or find a big glass jar where all of the family's change can go. Drop all of your change into the jar each time you have it. Every penny will add up.

Step 3

Have your children chip in by doing chores or other small jobs around the neighborhood such as mowing lawns, raking leaves, shoveling snow, walking dogs, and babysitting. If the children can help, they will feel like they are part of the project as well.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Old Childhood Favorites...

Even with the holiday of Valentines day over, I still cherish something sweet and yummy. I remember visiting festivals or old country like tourist attractions with old fashioned shops that sold the sweet and sparkling Rock Candy . That candy was beautiful as it sparkled of all different shapes and was put onto a stick like a sucker. I used to want to try to make it myself even....

As a child, we never had a lot of money, and as the people continue to cut back with the downfall of the economy, more of these old fashioned childhood memories keep coming back. Sometimes, the things back from the old days were the best things....

Another favorite sweet treat of mine, is the peppermint
Hard Candy . I love these any time of the year. My dad always seemed to have some sort of peppermint candies to suck on. He'd have them in his pocket at church, or even a bag of them always at home. I think today, he still has a secret stash somewhere of these... :)

--As we continue to cut back on our budget, I still try to keep some of my childhood favorites in the household though. You can always buy bulk candy for a lower price.

There's nothing like good old fashioned candy to keep one's spirit alive.

Chatting for Married Couples...

Sometimes chatting on the internet in chat rooms can be fun. -Although, at times, it can be hard trying to find same people with the same interests... or especially if you are married. Seems like many singles usually mingle the chat rooms of the the internet looking for possible love...

But there could be a way for those who are married to chat with other married couple like themselves...

If you enjoy chatting on the Internet, and you are married, you can meet other married people like yourself. Married Chat City is free to join, and you can talk with others via web-cam. Talk to others who share the same hobbies, movie favorites, or web interests. Meet people from around the world with possibly different cultures..

It's a great way to learn to see how other married couples handle life situations, or even a way you and your husband can share the same kinds of friends. There won't be any conflict about you chatting those who could possibly be single, because all members are married... It can be a place that a married couple can share together-as it shouldn't be a place to stray.

It's easy to sign up to go chat in the Married Chat Rooms. Bring your spouse, a web-cam, and some fun topics to discuss, and you could be forming new friendships that could possibly last a lifetime.

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