Saturday, September 20, 2008

Winter Memories....

Remember those fun times as a child in the snow? The winter wonderland allows so much opportunity to do things for children, and even adults. Children can spend time creating snowmen, snow angels, and even making forts to have snowball wars.

Some of the best fun can even be had on little motorbikes or scooters. One little child in this youtube video gets his chance for a ride after dad in the snow on their bike. Something like this could be a little boy's dream...

Check out SUNL fun video to see these guys riding through the snow.... After watching this video, if you show it to your children, they may be wanting a bike to ride in the snow too!

I wish I would have had one of these motorbikes as a child to walk through the drifting snow! In the country, we used to have to park at the end of our long drive in the country and tread through the blowing snow... A little bike would have got us there much quicker at 5 years old!

It's All About the Red Peppers for Hector Kabande

In the mood for some spicy food or traditional Mexican cooking? Meet Hector Kabande who seems to have his life in check as he was raised in a household that taught important family values such as family, great hospitality, and good food. He is a hotel executive and serves as member of the board of directors of Grupo Lucerna.

Hector Kabande is beginning to share some of his family recipes online on his blog, but won't share them all because he is currently writing a cookbook that has a lot of his secret family recipes. A secret that Hector Kabande shares about his food is, peppers. It's all about the roasting and how you can cook them. His friends know all about his passion for peppers so his friends are always bringing him fresh peppers so Hector can create his recipes.

If you'd like to see some of Hector Kabande's recipes, his blog, shares some of them with you so you can bring some of his passion to your cooking.

Looking for a Chrysler?

With the cost of rising fuel prices, everybody is looking to get the better bang for their buck in their car. Many are beginning to sell or trade in their gas guzzlers so that the price at the pump won't put a hole in their pockets too much. There are many dealers on the internet that give us price quotes, research a car's history, or perhaps compare prices. It's hard to choose exactly just one since there are so many choices.

For those who live in the Quakertown Pennsylvania area, there is a
Sands Brothers Chrysler that can assist residents in finding their next car if they are looking for a Chrysler model. Having a dealer nearby and on the internet can make it easier to make a decision without the hassle of researching all of the other dealers on the net.

Sands Brothers Chrysler offers new car quotes, used car deals in which residents can look for cars in their area, and research to help a possible buyer make a decision about purchasing a new car or truck.

Check out their website to find their location on the map if you are interested in seeing what
Sands Brothers Chrysler has to offer.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Life Insurance for Seniors

It is important for seniors to have health and life insurance to cover their needs for their overall health and any life changes or emergencies that should come along. Health insurance can be costly and even put a hole in seniors who live on fixed incomes. Some may only have Social Security benefits as their only income. Seniors shouldn't have to worry about any other expenses being a burden to their family members when they can obtain the proper care and insurance that is needed. With the high living costs that people must pay today such as rising fuel and food prices, it makes it hard to try to budget the things that are necessary for life. And sometimes those things that are necessary for life such as health or life insurance, can be a high expense for some.

One company, American United Health Insurance Company, is making this possible for seniors. They used to just operate only in Texas when there were founded in 1947 but now they operate out of 49 states and also in Canada and the District of Columbia.

Some of the services that United American Insurance Company provides are:
  • Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Cancer/Critical Illness Insurance
  • Medicare Supplement
  • Medicare Part D plans
  • Group Retiree Plans
If you feel like you, or if you know someone who could benefit from these services and are without proper care of life insurance, check out American Health Insurance at:

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