Friday, May 8, 2009

Rainy Days (poem) by Ariana R. Cherry


Rainy days are so dull...and sad. If only there was some other way to get lost?..perhaps in a book? Read this poem to become inspired on how you can escape a rainy day---and perhaps be in the sunlight again....


A Month Without My Grandma (a personal note from Ariana)

It's been almost a month now that Grandma has been gone.

(*For those of you who didn't know....On April 9th, 2009, my grandma passed away at the still young age of 74. She had congestive heart failure and had been sick for the past few years. Grandma had her good and bad days. --And also had been in and out of the hospital, but had always seemed to pull through. I was close to my grandmother, and I loved her so much...I never imagined life without her.... And now---she has passed away and joined the angels in heaven--and I miss her so much)

Time flies by so quickly. My dad and I went to visit my aunt Cissy at her old house a couple weeks ago. It was the first time I had been there since grandma had passed. You could definitely feel a spirit missing from the house. There was a void.... But grandma's chair by the counter was still there-with her pad on the chair, and her glasses and magnifying glass on the counter. Her stuff was still there---but grandma was definitely not in the house.

It seems so much quieter there, and you can really feel like something is missing. My aunt is going to continue living there as long as she can....She has to be lonely in that house after being there so long with grandma. ... I admire her courage--as I could have not done the same thing....

We are definitely feeling the tugs and pulls of our hearts. We all miss grandma so much. It's weird not having her around... It was odd not hearing her input when I was there at the house---or her sighs...her laughs.. Grandma's kitty--Sassy---she knows grandma is gone too. She too-looked as if she had lost a friend... She seems bored. My family has said that Sassy will not let anyone sit in the bed where Grandma has passed....I don't think anybody has sat in that bed.... ..I don't even think anyone has sat in grandma's spot at the kitchen--or in the couch. It's almost as if she should still be there--or if maybe she is just in the bathroom for a minute--and she will be right back... But she isn't ....

--Her spirit is in our hearts...but she now lives in Heaven...I sure hope she is looking down on all of us...I really miss her.

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tips for Preparing for a Job Interview

Tips for Preparing for a Job Interview

Being out of a job, and searching through the job market can be quite stressful. Once you score that first interview from a possible job prospect though, things can get quite exciting, while being nervous all at the same time. No matter what happens, and how nervous you are, it's best to keep your mind open, and your feet on the ground. While the interview process may seem scary, if you follow a few simple steps and advice, it will be simple and less stressful to make it through as you make your first impressions.

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Have a job interview coming up soon? Don't be afraid! By following some simple tips and advice, you are sure to shine during the interview and be on your way to winning your job.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

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Flowers Can Bring Beauty for Mothers Day

If there was only one thing that I could say was beautiful about Spring, it would the flowers that are in bloom every year. There is nothing better than getting a beautiful bouquet of Flowers for Mothers day. Also bedding flowers, or even perennials can make wonderful gifts, as they will continue to bloom year after year without replanting them.

Dianthasis and daisies are amongst some of the pretty perennials that can be planted. By giving your mother a container full of daisies as her
Mothers day flowers along with a cute little watering jug, and a card, can say alot. They can be the gift that continues to give.

Although, if for some reason, she states she doesn't have a green thumb, you can either (A), plant and care for them for her, or (B), order some of the beautiful fresh cut flowers that are availabel at

By giving a mom the gift of flowers for Mothers day, you can also give her the gift of beauty-Flowers can always bring a smile to somebody's face...

Monday, May 4, 2009

How to Promote Your Online Content with a Blog

If you are a freelance writer
and you write content articles online, then a great way to advertise your name, and share your articles, is to start a blog. Starting a blog is very simple, and all it takes is just a small set up, and then some daily or weekly posting to keep it updated.

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