Friday, May 23, 2008

How to Transfer Digital Photos to the Shutterfly Website

Shutterfly is an online Web site that allows you to store, enhance, share and order photos. It is free to store your photos online, and they have reasonable prices for ordering prints. Shutterfly is an easy to use Web site for beginners who would like to store and order prints. You can learn how to transfer your photos from your computer to Shutterfly's Web site by following the easy steps below.

Things You’ll Need:
Computer with internet access account

1. Log onto the Web site. Create an account by clicking on "sign up," if you do not have an account. If you already have an account, click "member sign in," by typing in your email address and password.

2. Click the green tab that is labeled, "add pictures."

3. Select which album you would like to upload your photos into. You can create a new album by typing a new album name, or select an album that is already available by using the drop down menu.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

How to Use the Flash Feature in Digital Cameras

Having a digital camera can be a great accessory to have for all of the events that happen within your family and life. Sometimes it's hard to decide when to use what features. One important feature of a camera is the flash tool. By reading your instruction manual, and following some of the tips below, you can decide when the right time to use your flash will be...

1. Use flash for most of all indoor shots. This will help prevent shadows, help brighten the pictures in darken room and provide more detail overall.

2. Have your objects or people move closer to a light source when you are using a flash. Stand them by a door or window. If the picture is taken during the evening, or if there isn't any light present, turn on more lights


How to Transfer Digital Pictures....

If you have a digital camera, and are new at using it, you might need to know how to transfer the pictures to your computer from your camera. The process is actually quite simple. The article below will help you with the steps that you need to transfer all of your favorite moments in your camera, to your computer.

Things You’ll Need:

Digital camera
USB cord
Memory Card

1. Plug the USB cord from your camera into your computer's USB port.
If you have a memory card in your digital camera, take the memory card and put it into your memory card reader. Plus it into your computer's USB port. The USB port can usually be found in the front of your desktop computer. For laptops, it is located on the side.

2. Click on my computer.
There should be a drive where your camera pictures are located. It should have the name of your camera under the drive. Click on that folder.

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