Saturday, February 7, 2009

Work at Home Writing Jobs-Get Paid-Free to sign up!

With the economy hitting all time lows, jobs being cut, and prices of every day products on the rise, it's hard to feel any stability at all these days. With the power of the internet, although, there are still opportunities on the rise that you can do right from the comfort of your home. Perhaps, you are one of the many, who have been laid off-and are looking for work.....

How about writing about some of the things you learned at your past job? Or put that college degree to some use? You can even share with others about ways that you have started to learn to look for work, or save money. The internet is full of writing jobs that will pay you money.

Begin by creating a blog, and writing about your experience with the economy to get some practice. Treat it like a diary. Or ---apply at some of the websites below, and begin writing articles about your current knowledge. Then use your blog to promote your articles. Many websites offer upfront payments--and payment for page views too.

--Don't get sucked into home business opportunities---Create a living from your own home by writing what you know... All the links below are free to join, and will make you money to help you pay your bills or put food on the table for you and your family.... Good luck :)

Writing Jobs: Get paid to Write at Home

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How to Find a Person's Email Address for Free

The Internet allows us to find almost any information we could want. It is also a great place to find old friends, family, classmates or business associates. If you are looking for an email address, there is a way to find it, without paying any price at all.

Step 1

Visit social networking websites such as MySpace or Facebook (see Resources). Type the person's name into the search section of the website to find her profile. Sometimes, members may list their contact information, such as email addresses or websites, on their profiles..

Step 2

Send out a "looking for," email to all of your contacts in your email address book. If you share similar groups of friends or family, surely somebody may have the email address on hand.

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Show your Honey the TIME of his life this Valentines Day...

Is your honey always asking the time of the day or always just a tad few minutes late?...

How about helping him/her be on time this Valentines Day by showing the love of a watch....

At the Watchery, there are many beautiful designer styles that can fit any style of a man or woman. The watch shown with this post would be something that my own husband would wear. It's sporty, fashionable, and would definitely be something he could use, because he is always endlessly late it seems!...

It definitely would be a romantic gift that I could could give him-so perhaps if he knew the time-it could give our romance to the evening a bit of a kick-start!

If you need an idea for some valentines gifts, check out the designer watches that there are, so that you can give the gift of time... Perhaps you can let your honey know that your heart will keep on ticking for them--now and forever...

Want to Get Local?

If you are looking for local information about the area you live in, check out . It brings up a local map of your area, along with pictures of businesses or other important landmarks.

There is also a search toolbox that allows you to look for a place or business within the local area. You can look by address, city, or state and zip. For those who are in business, you can also add your business in the directory. If you'd like to save your searches, add bookmarks, or talk to local merchants, you can sign up for free membership. It only takes a minute or so.

To learn more about Zipweb, check out what they are reporting in the zipweb news.

Friday, February 6, 2009

About MySpace Codes and Layouts

There are thousands of options and designs to choose from when choosing a MySpace code or layout on the web. Codes can make certain items on a profile page disappear or switch places, while layouts can personalize and design. Most codes and layouts are free for MySpace users and are very simple to use. Read more to find out the functions of these codes, and how you can add them to your MySpace profile pages.


MySpace codes and layouts are used to decorate a profile page at MySpace or to add games, music, or other functions to the page as well. It is very easy to add codes to a MySpace page. Find the code or layout of your choice at your designated website (see resources), copy it to your clipboard by right-clicking it, and then paste it in your "About me" section or the desired section of your profile.


There are a variety of types of MySpace codes that individuals can use to add to a profile page. Some codes can be used to hide comments, contact boxes, details, friends, and more. Other codes provide decorative purposes such as adding borders around a page, or switching the tables. There are many kinds of designs for layouts such as ones with movie themes, cartoons, colors, sports, or you can even create your own layout.


Layout codes can personalize a page to your liking or even make it appear animated. Different codes can make certain areas of your profile page disappear if you would like to hide them from the public's view. For others who wish to be more secretive or protect their friends, they can keep these parts hidden so that they won't be seen by other strangers. Some of these codes are great for those members of MySpace who are younger and would like to protect their friends and family.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

About MySpace Images

images are used to decorate profile pages for members. Images can also be used to promote businesses, artwork, or crafts on MySpace. There are several websites online that offer free images, or you can add your own.


MySpace images are used to decorate profile pages for members of MySpace. It is simple to add images to the profile pages. To add an image to a page at MySpace, find the image of your choice. Copy the image code to the clipboard and then paste it in the "about me" section or the section that you would like the image to appear.


MySpace images have several different kinds of designs. Some are glittery, animated, or just plain colors. Also, you can find images of your favorite movie stars, singers, or even cartoon characters. The types of images are endless that you can add to your MySpace page. There are several websites on the internet that have images that you can add to profile pages for free.


MySpace images come in all sizes. Some are large and can take up most of the page, while others are smaller and can be added all over the page. To change the size of the image, just change the numbers in the "width" and "height" part of the coding. You don't have to use the size codes that are embedded. You can change them yourself.


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