Friday, April 17, 2009

How to Use Play-Doh with Your Children

Play-Doh is fun for all ages. It's especially popular among young children. If you are an adult and get your hands into it with the kids, it's almost hard to stop. There are many things that you can create and do with Play-Doh.

Continue reading for a few inspirational ideas that you can create with Play-Doh.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mother's Day...Suprise her With Flowers

Mother's day is coming soon, and it's time to shower her with gifts to show you your love :) Of course, your love is natural, and shouldn't have to be bought, but--women always love flowers. Flowers are full of colorful petals that just shine happiness. Perhaps a written poem along with some flowers would be a wonderful way to shower her with a mothers day gift this year. One great place to purchase flowers is at 1800 Flowers...

Writing a poem is simple actually. Just think of a few things that you love about your mother. Maybe it's her cooking, the way she notices the little things about life, or maybe it's just her bright shining smile. Write a few lines to put together a simple mother's day poem, and then add it with your gift of flowers.

Just be sure that you tell your mom that you love her EVERY day...and just not once a year on mother's day. Just use mother's day to treat her EXTRA special....

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