Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Can You Pay Taxi Fair with a Credit Card?- Amos Tamam says Yes!

So, you are walking through New York City ---and you need a ride. But--you have found that you are not carrying any cash , and the nearest ATM is--not very close!... You perhaps might even need that ride to the ATM!... --But you do have your credit card---soooo? --Can you pay your taxi fare with a credit card?.. Amos Tamam, president and CEO of VeriFone Transportation Systems, started to make this possible around 2007, by installing technology in taxis, so that more riders could begin to pay their fares with cards. Some people actually may not like to carry cash in the big cities-such as New York, Chicago, --or even Vegas!--Unless you had change for the slots!---But Amos Tamam was onto something, and New York has started to implement the card paying process in their taxis. They have even realized that some of the sales increased!

Some of the beta testing in the cabs for the new technology even began to take place in the cities of Chicago, and Las Vegas. Having everything these days--on a card, and out of sight-is so much easier-and safer, than carrying a wad of cash. Cards can have a stopped service within a phone call-and many banks will contact their customers for odd transactions. Sometimes, it is just easier-to have everything all in one place-Plus-you don' thave to worry about washing your change or money through the wash. --- A card is more easier to keep track of. ---

So --next are taking a taxi ride--and you get to pay with a card-instead of the cash-you might have not taken-or laid down as a tip elsewhere-you can send a private thank you to
Amos Tamam for helping out with the latest technology.

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