Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Stepping Stones to Business from SRC Leads

Perhaps you are starting a new career, selling a product, or would like to get potential clients for your new business-and you need a few good names. It's hard to get your feet wet in the business world when you are the new guy in town.

One company, SRC Leads, is offering to do the searches for you-perhaps it will make "stepping into the water," just a bit easier for you. They offer 100% phone and address guarantees-and will replace any incorrect leads at no extra charge.

Some of the different types of leads that SRC Leads offers are topics based on the following kinds of subjects/products:

-Reverse mortgage
-Long Term Prospect
-Debt Refinance
-Final Expenses
-Medical Supplements for those over 65 or turning 65

SRC Leads have surveys that help them build the lists of leads that can be of assistance to you. The way that you decide to contact these leads-whether it be mailing or calling-will be entirely up to you and your conduct of business. .. While you are provided with leads to help you with your jump-start-don't ever expect to get rich quick. Every block of business building requires time, patience, effort, and plenty of hard work. The company, although, helps provide you the stepping stones to get there....

For more information, you can visit their website at : http://www.srcleads.com

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vanson said...

IF you search on the Internet you will find that MANY people have been lied to and ripped off.... SRC Leads, SRC Lists, whatever they call themselves.

These are basically census lists that are years old.

There are much better and safer places to buy leads.

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