Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Frank Hanna III...Says We must learn to be humble and have Faith...

Faith is something we all need these days.Sometimes--it comes to us in large doses--or small ones. Sometimes--we must build faith in our lives-especially when things seem out of sorts, or we aren't getting anywhere in life. Everybody needs faith----ESPECIALLY now..during these rough economic times and crisis...

Frank Hanna III
author of, "What Your Money Means," tells us that we need to have gratitude-and live more abundantly. Most of all-we need faith. "Frank Hanna is a frequent speaker regarding issues of faith as they pertain to business. He frequently speaks on the topic of business and philanthropy." -according to his website.
Frank Hanna III also speaks of gratitude. We must be humble, and learn how to utter the words, "Thank you." These words are very true to the people of today. Our mannerisms have left us, and many don't say the words please and thank you anymore. And when others receive help-so many have stopped saying thank you--because the help has become expected...or feel as if it were deserved. Gratitude is definitely something everybody should add to their list-and learn to respect and say the word, "thank you."

Another piece of advice, he offers, is the value of money. How we should use it towards God's plan and what God wants us to do with it. Frank Hanna II says, "Money can make a good servant; but it always makes a terrible master." We must not let money rule us our our lives or business. For those couples in financial stress--perhaps pray about it...and listen for God--see what he tells you are the best financial steps to take. Frank Hanna III informs us that we should not use money apart from God's plan.... To find out more about Mr Hannah and his can check out his book at Barnes and Nobles.

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